About Us

About Us

Established in 2003, we are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of “Lux Lighting(TM)” brand laboratory equipment and instruments, to various Universities, College, R & D labs, Institutes etc. Since 2003 we have been manufacturing scientific laboratory equipment indigenously which were being imported till then. It has always been our endeavour to have customer's convenience in mind which constantly compels us to modify and improve upon our products continuously so that they have better acceptance by the end user. Slowly and steadily we gained confidence of our customers to the extent that our product specifications are being adapted for laying down tender specifications for purchase of laboratory equipment by major universities, institutes, college etc.

A full-fledged dedication and consistent effort accompanied by the professionally managed team to establish Lux Lighting(TM) which with the passage of time made a mark in the scientific journey of his life and to top of all we worked passionately hard. A biomedical medical instrumentation professional from B.IT. Mesra, Ranchi, dreamt big and formed the Lux Lighting(TM) brand in instrument business to provide best in industries product, we emerged and how? Our strong foothold in scientific industry is due to the provision and efficiency that is achieved painstakingly at our extremely modern manufacturing unit.

Quality & After Sale Services


Our excellent quality and unmatched after sale service speak for us. We manufacture our product with utmost efficiency and perfect alignment. Lux Lighting(TM) is a Brand apart that does not believe in joining the bandwagon. We believe in trading new and most scientific paths to produce each instrument with perfect precision. Our unmatchable quality and commendable “After Sale Service” make us stand tall and strong among others.

Our “Lux Lighting(TM)” products are built up and fabricated from the best available raw materials and carry a warrantee of one year. However, to look after the services and concerns of the end user, our proficient service and field staff can rectify the problem and can ever show how you can do appropriate maintenance to avoid minor problems in future. This however justifies our key to success: Efficient After Sale Service.

Infrastructure And In-House Testing Facilities

Ours is a centrally located PRODUCTION HOUSE located in the heart of one of the most prestigious INDUSTRIAL AREAS of Delhi , with one of the most sound infrastructural set-up having latest and state of the art Lux Lighting(TM) machinery all under on roof. These in-house facilities enable us to meet up to all manufacturing standards and challenges, this reflecting on the workmanship and quality of our equipment. We are qualified and professionally managed engineering team to working with their utmost efficiency to provide quality instruments and services to customers and hence the brand “Lux Lighting(TM)” itself indicates the perfect dealing in the field of scientific instrumentation.

Further our in-house testing facilities and procedures reflect on the quality and longer life of our equipment. We are quality conscious production house and our aim is just to win the goodwill of our clients by supplying quality equipment at competitive price. However, this is how we are getting regular and repeated business, being multiplied year after year.

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