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Consultation-Project And Planning

Through Consultation services Lux Lighting(TM) management opens formal and informal communication channels between the organisation and their esteemed customers. Some common responsibilities we hold include observing business operations, identifying problem areas, developing practical solutions, executing changes and assisting employees throughout the process. We understand our customers, their needs, their plans and according to that we sequence project tasks and the nature of the dependencies among project activates. We'll see how we should schedule a project and, finally, we,ll review how you can make changes to a plan to support your overall project objectives.

Benefits Of Engaging Lux Lighting(TM) For Consultation:

  • We assist you in budgeting of projects.
  • To understand your future requirements.
  • Helps in minimizing the cost for budgeting.
  • We provide our best knowledge and expertise on chambers.

At LUXLIGHTING TECHNOLOGY PVT. LTD.. We design and develop a complete range of scientific and laboratory equipment,s with highest quality standards. We follow those planning principles and execution methodologies that can offer best ways in which projects can be run more effectively and efficiently. Project management team provides customers with the language and the frameworks for scoping projects, sequencing activities, utilizing resources, and minimizing risks.

Each And Every Project Is Unique And For Different Scope Like

  • Telecom/electronics (corrosion test chamber, battery test chamber etc.)
  • Pharma(cytogenetic drying chamber, thermal cyclic test chamber)
  • Education/research (temp and humidity chamber, environment test chamber etc.)
  • Aerospace/avionics (altitude test chamber, agree test chambers etc.)
  • Hospitals (sterilizers, blood bank, refrigerator) etc.
  • And other categories

We understand our customers well defined needs and plan our steps according to that

Environmental Test Chambers And Laboratory Equipment's

  • We will provide a complete end to end solution to meet your specific new projects requirements, specifying details with time frames & budget.
  • Assessment and confirmation of customer needs like
  • Dimension
  • Temperature
  • humidity, vacuum
  • light control
  • Extra facilities etc.
  • We assist you selecting the appropriate product(s), handling orders from manufacturers, design, and implementation.
  • We install the product at location of operation, conducting design analysis for compliance.
  • Provide Post-delivery hardware / software installation.
  • Commissioning, connection to existing system(s), synchronization, network adjustment, and system ability testing.

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Mechanical Testing Equipment

  • Assessment and confirmation of customer needs (setting exact test parameters).
  • Design / production based on sample product / drawing(s).
  • Commissioning and pilot run using given sample(s) on the spot, at the time of acceptance.
  • Training operators in the use of the equipment, including health / safety measures, adjustment / programming of controls.

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Calibration & Validation

We are ERTL/NABL accredited laboratory and offer specialist calibration and validation facilities. This is usually carried out as a part of maintenance program but calibrations can be arranged as per customers need.

Lux Lighting(TM) technologies has the ability to calibrate variety of environmental chambers. This includes ovens, chambers, freezers, autoclaves, incubators, temperature, refrigerators and humidity chambers etc.in calibration we demonstrate that a particular equipment or device produces results within specified limits by comparison with those produced by reference over an appropriate range of measurement.

Parameters Determined

Following parameters are determined:
  • Air temperature/humidity spatial distribution.
  • Uncertainty associated with reference standards.
  • Error in equipment's reading.
  • Influence of ambient conditions.

Scope Of Calibration

  • Air temperature in an empty working environment.
  • Air temperature in loaded working volume.
  • Air humidity in an empty working environment.
  • Air temperature at single spot in chamber.

Calibration Facilities

Lux Lighting(TM) provide two types of calibration facilities
  • On site validation: calibration at place of installation.
  • Factory validation: calibration at our premises.

Calibration Certificate/Factory Test Report

Together with the general requirements of standards and accreditation, on the request of customer we provide the factory test report or the calibration certificate which includes the following:

  • Details of sample.
  • Details of working conditional parameters of chamber.
  • Details of specific volume calibration and distribution of sensors.
  • Results of calibration calculated together with measurement of uncertainty.
  • Next calibration due date.

We also provide chamber validation periodically to achieve the required specifications and to comply with regulatory or laboratory standards. The chambers may be tested with or without loads according to the requirement.

Lux Lighting(TM) carries product validation in following steps:

  • Take a plan.
  • Check equipment and documentation.
  • Confirm device operation.
  • Set up data logger.
  • Check the progress.
  • Retrieve and store the data.
  • Report the findings.

Customization Of The Equipments

Lux Lighting(TM) not only provides standard chambers but also customize the chambers according to the needs and specifications of the customers. We provide customized equipment's at standard price. Lux Lighting(TM) will design and build custom test chambers to support your specific requirements like:

4. Ramping And Soaking Facility:

Rather than standard time, temperature change rate time can be determined according to the customer's needs. Factors that affect ramp up time of a chamber are the size, temperature range, and power of the heating or refrigeration system of the chamber. We also customize for how much time the customer wants to hold the temperature.

7. Additional Control Function Facility In One Chamber:

We also customize the equipment of embedding control functions of other chambers into one chamber.

Our team of experienced engineers has worked successfully with many government organizations, bio-tech institutes, and commercial companies to provide environmental test chambers for unique testing situations.

Contact us to discuss your requirements at info@Lux Lighting(TM)in.com.

Repair And AMC

We undertake Annual Maintenance Service Contracts (AMC)/ Up gradation work of old chambers (equipment's) / Repair & service work for any make (Indian/ Imported) equipment's of listed product range. (Click here for the product range).

We Offer The Following Services:

  • Laboratory Equipment Repair Services
  • Preventive Maintenance Services for Lab Equipment's
  • Laboratory Equipment Relocation, Installation And Setup
  • Extended Warranties for Lab Repair Services
  • Laboratory Equipment Outfitting and sales
  • Laboratory Equipment Repair Contract Services
  • After warranty AMC across India.

Engineers Visit

We have engineers in different regions to take care of the queries of their areas. Our engineers visit your site at periodic intervals to optimize and improve the performance of your instruments. At every visit our engineer records the problems observed and action taken for individual instrument, helping you to maintain detailed history of instruments for better analysis and improved performance.

Preventive maintenance is performed by one of our factory-trained field service engineers. During each visit, all electrical components, refrigeration components, and other equipment and systems will be thoroughly inspected. Where possible, routine minor adjustments will be made to return your equipment to top running condition as a part of this service. Upon completion of the inspection, our service technician will provide you with a detailed recommendation of any additional repairs that may be needed.

Electrical System

  • Phasing
  • Line and Control Voltage and Connections
  • Timer Settings, Fuses, and Grounding
  • Compressor Head Fans & Crankcase Heaters
  • Heater Frames and Elements etc.

Current Verification

  • Compressors
  • Heaters, Circulators, Steam Process Elements
  • Instrumentation Calibration (Additional Fee May Be Required)
  • System Calibration Certification (Additional Fee May Be Required) etc.


  • Panel To Panel Seals (Modular Boxes)
  • Overall Cabinet Surveillance
  • Viewing Window Inspection
  • Proper Floating Hinge Operation

Annual Maintenance Contract

Depending upon the product you own Lux Lighting(TM) offer different types of AMC contracts, you can choose the contract based on your regular product usage, requirement and the stress it undergoes.

Advantages Of Registering For An Amc:

  • Saves from unexpected Repairs and avoids cost for these repairs.
  • Round the Clock Service from our engineers.
  • Planned Services for your Products.
  • Genuine Spare Parts for high reliability.

How to Register for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC): Generally every product is provided with the warranty for fixed period of time after the product is purchased. Whenever warranty for the product expires, customers should call the at the company, in order to buy AMC for entire life cycle of products. For getting an AMC you have to just mail us with details at info@Lux Lighting(TM)india.com and our service team will respond you back.

List Of Equipments

  1. Test Chambers
  2. Incubators
  3. Water Baths
  4. Cooling Equipment's Laboratory
  5. Oven
  6. Clean Room
  7. Laboratory Furnace
  8. Centrifuge
  9. Distillation
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